Sip This may have been something we always daydreamed about, but it wasn’t until a long car ride upstate in January 2010 that we actually decided to get serious. It seems throughout our entire adolescent and young adult lives our friends have always wanted to find somewhere unique to hang out. Places such as the Witches Brew, The Cup and the Broadway Beanery have been our go-to locations for casual outings, where we could enjoy a cup of coffee and some conversation. However, we want more. And it is our belief that there are many others who feel the same way, whether they be 15 or 50 years old.

Sip This is not just another coffeehouse with eclectic seating and a couple of brick walls. Sure it’ll have those things, but it is our goal to make it so much more. As we have both grown up in Valley Stream, our community is very important to us. While the business district of Rockaway Avenue has certainly been sub par when one looks at other towns, we truly believe that one great success story can turn that all around. We want our community to improve and local business to flourish, and that is why we are working hard with our amazing friends and family to create an establishment that people will love coming back to again and again.

By hosting various events, updating our menu regularly and serving delicious coffee drinks and desserts, supporting and working with the other local businesses, creating opportunities for community involvement and establishing lasting relationships with those in and out of our community, we strive to make Sip This a truly unique coffeehouse experience.

Let me first start by saying how excited I am at the news of the Sip This Coffeehouse taking over the space previously occupied by Slipped Disc Records. I think it will be great for the neighborhood, a cool place to hang out with friends or just relax and read a book while enjoying a cup of coffee. I know what Slipped Disc meant to Valley Stream throughout the 80′s and 90′s (and Frogs in the 70′s!), and I’m so glad that David and Stephanie will keep the memory of the store alive through special theme nights and merchandise sales. I hope to meet up at Sip This in the near future! Mike Schutzman (Owner of Slipped Disc Records)